Refund policy

You can ask for a refund in 14 days before your final approval or publishing our work/Design ( Like if you are not satisfied with our work ). We will refund your entire money as we didn't like our customers unsatisfied with our work. If you don't reply in 14 days after submit our work, your project will automatically complete. After 14 days your refund request will not approve but you can ask for revisions.  We are maintaining all time 5* track record by following this policy.

But after submitting our Work/Design or giving us your final approval or ending the project all sales are final. We will not approve any refund request as you have already taken our work and using it. If you don't reply to our email or don't send us staff invitation in three days we will mark your project as complete. After that you can only request us for revisions.

Before publish the design when you ask for a refund we will clear all of our work. If you remove our access before clear all of our work your refund request will not approve.

Non Refundable Services:

  • Upsell Funnel Bundles Fees.
  • Product and Niche Recommendations Fees.
  • Winning Product Research Fees.
  • Store delivery speedup fees.
  • Extra Store Revision Fees.
  • Platinum Plus package.